Michael Baer

Web & Application developer

A motivated software developer looking for creative opportunities: Let me build your next app!
Please contact me for my full bio and references.


I am proficient in visualizing complex processes using UML and experienced in designing intuitive user interfaces as well as transparent developer APIs.


During my time at T-Systems I used modern web technologies to build robust application frontends for our business customers. I can work with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Django, Backbone, Meteor, vue and JSF - and I'm always trying out new stuff!


A significant part of my job was implementing the corresponding backend functionality using Python (Django), Java (Spring) and JavaScript (Node). I can configure and maintain application servers and databases under Unix or Windows systems and I feel at home in the terminal.


I am well versed in the use of continuous integration and version control systems. My responsibilities also included introducing customers to new tools and integrating those efficiently into their workflow.


I always provide unit tests for service critical functions and have experince with performance profiling of webservices, as well as manual and automated UI testing. No cutting corners in my production code!


Producing good docs is very important to me - be it writing user stories, bug reports, pull requests, spec sheets or user manuals. Obviously commenting and reviewing code is part of my workflow. /* But my favorite piece of code is the one that doesn't need comments :) */